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There are a lot of great events taking place in this Jewish community, many of them planned by folks in the minyan. JensList (named for founder Jen Naylor) is a way to hear about events that are not officially sponsored by the Mission Minyan. Once you sign up, you can send in your items to be announced and start hearing about others! Click here to sign up for JensList.

Questions? Want to help out?
The minyan has a variety of volunteer committees and the chair of each group can answer your questions or help you get involved:

Emails: (all addresses are @missionminyan.org) Davening (services): gabbais
Friday night helpers
: shamas
Kiddush: kiddush
Chesed committee: chesed
Meal-matching (if you need a place): meals
Meal-wrangling (to host/offer a meal): mealwranging
Shabbos morning: shabbosAM
Finance: gelt
Learning: learning
Social Action: socialaction
Communications/media: sisterhood
Website: webadmin
High Holidays: highholidays
Something else? Talk to our administrative committee - they can handle most other questions.

Mailing address for donations, etc
Mission Minyan
2261 Market Street #447A
San Francisco, CA 94114