The Mission Minyan does not have a paid staff - everything we do is done by volunteers, and paid for by volunteers. We do it because we love it. If you enjoy coming to the Minyan and would like to give something back to the community, there are lots of ways for you to do so - by hosting a meal or sponsoring a kiddush, by volunteering for an event or by making a donation. Click one of the icons above to read more.

Also, the Minyan has a variety of volunteer committees that work in certain areas. The chair of each group will be really happy to work with you to help you get involved. For instance, if you want to...

have an aliyah on Shabbat
lead services
host a Shabbat lunch
volunteer your HTML skills
help set up chairs on Friday night
hand out siddurim at a holiday event
design a learning program and invite people to it

...we'd love to have you on board! Nothing gets done at the Minyan unless someone takes it on. We hope you will. Go to the Contacts page and drop the right committee chair an email with your ideas.

If you don't know what you want to do, here's a hint: an easy, fun way to volunteer is to join the shamas squad - which is responsible for setting up chairs before services and taking down the trash at the end of the night. It's really easy! Drop us a note if you'd like to help.