The Minyan depends upon donations of participants to pay for rooms, food, siddur printing, and other costs. We do not have any Official Funding, and hope that you can help us keep making gatherings possible. Make a donation via Paypal below, or mail in a check to save us processing costs. The Mission Minyan is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and we mail out donation receipts (for tax purposes) by March 1 each year.

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Is your donation in someone's honor or memory?
To help us acknowledge it, please include instructions with your donation, and/or let us know by email, gelt@missionminyan.org.

Sponsor our space
The room that we use for Friday night davening is not free. It costs us $110 to use it each week. If you can step up and sponsor this cost, on your own, or with a group of friends, that would be very meaningful to the community. Click here to sponsor Friday night davening, and let us know if there is a special Friday that you'd like to sponsor. We'll do our best to make it happen.

Be sure to include your address so that we can send you a tax deduction receipt at the end of the year.

Sponsor a Tisch!
Roughly once per month, we have a tisch on Friday night after services. The Tish is all about people and singing. We stay late, have a light dinner, go around singing songs, and talk and hang out. It costs us $400 to pay for food and drinks, so we're asking everyone to please contribute according to your ability.

NOTE: To sponsor at a level not listed below, you can mix and match amounts! After clicking "add to cart" for one amount, you can "Continue Shopping" from the PayPal page to add additional amounts. THANK YOU - and see you at the next Tisch!

Sponsorship amounts (you can choose more than one!)

Chip in Some Lunch Money
We have these great communal lunches after Shabbat morning services as often as we can afford to do so. If you'd like to contribute to the lunch money fund that lets us reimburse folks for shopping and cooking these incredible shared meals that bring together our Shabbos morning davening crowd, we'd be so thrilled. Any donation is welcome and means so much to us. 10% of all funds contributed will be donated to local organizations working to alleviate hunger.

Make a different donation
There are lots of other costs we need help with: Purim festivities, snacks for learning events, Shabbat kiddushes, printing siddurim, hosting this website, and so forth. Contributions of all sizes are welcome!

If you want to specify what this donation is for, feel free to indicate as much, but we especially appreciate general contributions. Be sure to include your address so that we can send you a tax deduction receipt at the end of the year.

Mail us a check
If you prefer to mail in a check (and save us processing costs) make it out to Mission Minyan, and send it to:

Mission Minyan
2261 Market Street #447A
San Francisco, CA 94114

Please be sure to include your email address, phone number, and current mailing address on your check.