The mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim, or hospitality, is incredibly important for us. We will do our best to find meals for folks who don't have plans on Shabbat, and to help people from out of town find lodgings.

Want to help us do this? Click here to read our hosting information and find out how. We need and appreciate your help.

Meal matching
We do our best to arrange home hospitality between hosts who have space at their Shabbat meals, and folks new to the Minyan who are looking to meet some new people at a Shabbat dinner. If you are looking for a match, please drop a note to our esteemed meal-matchers at meals@missionminyan.org, and try to do so by the Wednesday before Shabbos, and include important details like:

I'm a vegetarian / I'm vegan / I'm kosher and need to eat at a home with hechshered products and separate sets of utensils / I'm kosher but as long as any meat is kosher I'm fine eating anywhere / etc etc.

Please be complete and we'll do what we can!

Overnight Stays
Do you need a place to stay in the Mission for Shabbat? Here are some inns/hostels that come recommended from folks in the community:

Noes' Nest Bed & Breakfast
A charming SF Victorian in Noe Valley, about a 20 minute (somewhat hilly) walk from the Mission. Rooms include a suite large enough for a family. 1257 Guerrero St.

Hidden Cottage
Another charming Noe Valley Victorian, a 20 minute (somewhat hilly) walk from the Mission. 1186 Noe St.

The Parsonage
A small B&B in the nearby theatre district- about a 20 minute walk from the Mission. 198 Haight Street

Hayes Valley Inn
An inexpensive and friendly small hotel about a 20 minute walk from the Mission. 417 Gough St. @ Hayes

The Parker Guest House
An open and welcoming LGBT guest house in the Castro, quite nearby the Mission. 520 Church Street

If you would like to set up home hospitality, we will try our best to make a connection for you. Drop an email to Rachel at homehospitality@missionminyan.org.

Need to know something else?
Other questions about the San Francisco Jewish community including dining, hospitality and davening options can be found in the enormously helpful Resource Guide to Jewish Life in the Bay Area or on Jewish Community Information & Referral's information and referral service line at 415.777.4545.