The Mission Minyan is - above all else - a place where we hope everyone feels at home, and at least (as we joke) mostly comfortable. We are in the Mission District, a funky and gritty neighborhood of immigrants, artists, a wild nightlife scene and perhaps incongrously, a bunch of Jews. Our minyan reflects all this.

In the relatively small San Francisco Jewish community, it would be difficult to sustain - in East Coast fashion - a bunch of minyans that all have different traditions. Instead, we've worked very hard to create a community that makes creative compromises using our very best, most thoughtful understandings of Jewish law combined with a deep commitment to making people from various backgrounds comfortable in one space. Obviously that's a challenge, but one which we are happy to have taken on.

On these web pages we have tried to provide you with some information to help you understand how the Mission Minyan works. There are more questions answered on our FAQ page, and if you still have something on your mind, you can drop us a note from the Contacts page.

The most important thing you can do, however, is come check us out and see for yourself.