The Mission Minyan uses a lot of singing in our services. No intstruments are used besides our voices.

The melodies that are used are at the discretion of whoever is leading services, so things really vary from week to week...but if you are familiar with Carlebach melodies, you will probably feel right at home in our Kaballat Shabbat service on Friday nights as those are popular choices. In general, Saturday mornings have us sounding a bit more traditional.

It really depends on who's leading services, and perhaps you'll volunteer...and bring us some new tunes! Contact gabbais@missionminyan.org to get involved.

And if you don't know much Shabbat music, don't worry. Regular visits to the minyan will help you get familiar with the melodies, and we've posted some resources here to get you jump started.

Learning resources
The following are some resources from the internet, as well as custom tracks recorded by members of our community. Obviously there are many ways to sing all of this liturgy, and this page will grow over time. Feel free to send in your recordings!

Kabbalat Shabbat
Thank you to Andy and Emily Shapiro Katz for these Shabbat recordings.

L'chu N'ran'na (Psalm 95)
Shiru Lashem Shir Chadash (Psalm 96)
Hashem Malach Tagel Ha'Aretz (Psalm 97)
Mizmor Shiru Lashem Shir Chadash (Psalm 98)
Hashem Malach Yirg'zu Amim (Psalm 99)
Mizmor L'David (Psalm 29)
Ana B'Koach
Mizmor Shir
Tov L'Hodot
Tzadik Katamar (wedding niggun)
Mikolot Mayim option 1 (B'Amud Anan Niggun)
Mikolot Mayim option 2 (Mizmor L'David Niggun)
Friday Night Kiddush

Some Lecha Dodi's to pick from (we have a tradition of mixing it up from week to week, and often, the leader switches the melody four stanzas before the end.)

L'cha Dodi Beginning: Esa_Einai
L'cha Dodi Beginning: Slow
L'cha Dodi Beginning: Yet another one
L'cha Dodi End: David Melech
L'cha Dodi End: L'Shana_Haba'ah
Sefardi L'cha Dodi

Yigdal Sefardi (Nahwand mode)
Yigdal Rabbi Jacob (Sefardi / Ajam mode)
Yigdal Sefardi (Bayat mode)

Rosh HaShanah
These links are for some melodies that we will use for Rosh Hashanah.

Simcha l'Artzekha
Vekhol Ma'aminim
Yigdal High Holidays

Yom Kippur
These links are for some melodies that we will use for Yom Kippur Kol Nidre and Ma'ariv. For all Yom Kippur links and files, page numbers are from the Birnbaum machzor.

Ya'ale (p521)
Darkecha Elokeynu (p527)
Selach Na (p531): Sanz's Chassidim Niggun (recorded by Reuven Kogel)
Ki Hine Kachomer (p537)
Rachamana (p563)

These files are from Yom Kippur Shacharit. They were recorded by Rabbi Mark Asher Goodman and Andy Shapiro Katz.

Zochreinu - Birnbaum machzor p. 625 (RMAG)
Mchalkel chayyim -Birnbaum machzor p. 627 (RMAG)
Atah hu Eloheinu - Birnbaum machzor p. 633 (RMAG)
Al Yisrael - Birnbaum machzor p. 655 (RMAG)
V'chol Ha'Maaminim(ASK)

The following files are from Yom Kipur Shacharit or Musaf. They were recorded by Reuven Kogel.

Chamol Al Ma'aseykha_v2 p665
Vahaviotim_v1 p673
Vahaviotim_v2 p673
Vahaviotim_v3 p673
'Al Chet
Boyan Niggun
Chamol Al Ma'aseykha_v2
Ki Anu 'Amekha
Chazarat Shmonei Esrei p763
Kaddish Chorus p763
Ayayaye Missod p765
Zokhreinu Lechayim p765
Mekhalkel Chayim p767
Ayayaye Ledor Vador p795
Hu Elokeynu p795
Aleynu p807
Ayayaye Ochila p809
Ashamnu p849

Dror Yikra

Elsewhere on the Internet
Havurat Kol Zimrah's recordings