Photos are helpful way to show you what we're like. Of course, we're not taking photos on Shabbat, which is sort of the best time to see what we're like. But we'll try.


The Women's Building is the mural-covered building where we usually meet.



People of all ages come to our events.

Purim megillah readings happened all over the Mission this year at a variety of events.


Lots of us build sukkahs and have dinners, parties and learning events in them.

Food is always important at Minyan events. This was shot at our 2006 Yom Kippur break fast.


Purim costumes!


Last year we hosted a Lag B'omer beach burn and folks turned out in droves with guitars and drums for hot chocolate and smores.


Our hamantaschen baking party.


Zac - one of our Yom Kippur leaders - is ready for a little break fast action.


Dancing in the street on Simchat Torah.


Yet more Purim costumes! ARRR!


One of the many, many meals going on around the Mission Minyan. Zvi, Rafi and Jonathan feast on something undoubtedly gourmet.


Noa reads from the Purim Megillah.





The level of cuisine around the Minyan is pretty amazing.

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