Note: This page describes how we set up seating for Mission Minyan events. It does not go into detail about our halachic reasoning. If you are interested in that level of detail, you are very encouraged to consult with our gabbais (ritual coordinators) at gabbais@missionminyan.org.

Friday nights
Our room is set up with rows of seats facing east. A shaliach tzibur (prayer leader) stands in front of the room also facing east. Men and women sit in one large mixed section.

A tradition has also evolved that people who wish to daven in an area with only others of the same gender identity have space to do so. This reflects our ongoing endeavor to allow Jews from a wide spectrum of backgrounds to daven together at the MM.

Saturday mornings and holidays
Our room is set up according to a "trichitza" design. There are three sections - one for men only, one for women only and one that is mixed seating.